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March 27, 2023

Gray Stone Day School Project Reviews

By Staff Reports
Gray Stone Day School

Wayne Sasser with Ritika Ravakumar
NC Representative Wayne Sasser with Ritika Ravakumar

As part of the graduation requirements, students at Gray Stone Day School are required to perform a service project while in high school. They must also do a presentation before a review committee to share their project. After telling about the project itself, students reflect how this experience impacted others as well as themselves.

Students volunteered with many organizations such as Atrium Health and Novant Health, volunteer fire departments, partnerships with schools and groups for young children, Special Olympics, veterans and churches to name a few.

The review committees are made up of members of the school faculty and staff as well as outside community leaders and public servants. The school administration is cognizant of both the student and the reviewer’s interests and places them in the same group.

Carson Prince was a junior coach with Girls on the Run. “I had the privilege to teach the young girls important life lessons to aid in the development of their social and emotional skills, while simultaneously training them for a 5k. Being able to see their growth and ability to persevere and gain confidence during the training was very rewarding," said Carson.

One of her reviewers was Molly Barker, founder of Girls on the Run. It was a meaningful experience for both of them. “Carson’s heart is so big and her sharing herself with the girls is what it’s all about,” said Barker. “All the students showed leadership, empathy and confidence.”

Ritika Ravakumar coached the Gray Stone Middle School Mock Trial team. “Middle School allowed me to reflect on myself and see how I have grown in my ability to present and speak to others through the years,” she said.

Carson Prince presenting her senior project
Carson Prince presenting her senior project

NC Representative Wayne Sasser was one of the reviewers and said, “Our group was so impressed with the students. They were confident and organized. They represented many different passions and presented in different ways.”

“I like that we can have faculty and staff involved in reviewing as well,” said Helen Nance, Chief Administrative Officer.

Greg Yanz, a high school science teacher said, “Even as a teacher it was great to see how well they presented and where they were going. Makes you feel good about the future.”

“This is a culmination of a Gray Stone student’s education because it requires them to exhibit the life-skills as well as the academics they have learned while at the school,” said Nance. “I love to be able to invite guests to come observe our students and see how we are accomplishing our mission that graduates have integrity, responsibility and service to others.”

Gray Stone Day School offers students in grades 6-12 a rigorous college preparatory curriculum in an environment that fosters the development of strong character. Gray Stone Day is a public charter school and free to attend.

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