While adding a middle grades program is exciting and necessary, we still have a number of logistics to work out.  In the meantime, we have answered some frequently asked questions to aid in the transition.  We will continue to update this list as we are able.

Where will you house the middle grades?

Gray Stone's campus is in Misenheimer, adjacent to the campus of Pfeiffer University.  We currently have approximately 60 acres and are finalizing plans for the construction of a new building which will be situated directly behind our current building.  This process is expected to begin very soon and be completed in the Fall 2017.

What happens if the building is not ready by the time school starts?

That is a definite possibility.  We are currently working on a number of options to secure a home for each of our incoming grade levels in the event that facilities are not ready on day one.  The tight transition is difficult, but is necessary due to funding regulations with charter schools.  We will work to make this transition time as painless as possible, but we realize there will be bumps along the way.  We appreciate your patience.   

How many students will you be accepting?

Our goal and cap is 125 students per grade level.  As we progress through the application period, we will evaluate interest and work to maintain an appropriate staff to student ratio, which may temporarily lower our goal of 125 students per grade level.  

If my child is accepted into the middle grades (6,7,8), will he/she be automatically accepted into the high school (grades 9,10,11,12)?

Gray Stone Day School will be one school with grades 6 through 12.  Students who are enrolled are automatically accepted into the next grade level.

If my child is the younger sibling of a current Gray Stone student, will he/she be automatically accepted into the middle grades (6,7,8)?

According to North Carolina Charter School law, siblings of current students are given priority with enrollment; therefore, younger siblings of current Gray Stone students will be placed at the top of the list for the middle grades.  However, please note, all new students - siblings or not - must complete an application between February 1 and March 15, 2017.


If my child is the younger sibling of a student who recently took part in the 9-12 grade lottery, will he/she receive enrollment priority for the middle grades (6,7,8)?

At the time of the initial lottery, we were still unsure if the middle grades would be approved for the coming year. Bundling applications after the fact is just not possible. The middle grades process will be completely separated from the recent high school process. Therefore, it is possible for a rising ninth grader to have been accepted and their younger sibling to be placed on the waiting list - or vice versa. We understand the frustration that this may cause for the few people in this scenario, but we must be fair to everyone involved. We will work through all of our waiting lists as quickly as possible.


If we decide not to enroll in the middle grades, will my child have the opportunity to enroll in the high school when the time comes?

That depends.  Our goal is 125 students in every grade level.  We cannot guarantee that there will be any space in a specific grade level for the coming years.  It is possible that the middle grades will fill and no spaces will be available as the 8th grade transitions to 9th grade.  

What will the daily schedule be?

We anticipate a daily schedule for students of 8:00 A.M. until 2:30 P.M.  Some adjustments may be needed should we need to work with secondary facilities while construction is completed.

What about clubs and athletics?

We believe that extracurricular activities are an integral part of the educational experience.  Our goal is to have a full complement of supplementary activities like basketball, soccer, baseball, softball, cross country, volleyball, cheer, beta club, service clubs, student council, and various academic opportunities.  Opportunities may be limited while we transition to the new facility.

If the high school mission is college preparation, what does that mean for the middle grades?

We currently have students coming to the 9th grade from 27 different middle school scenarios.  It is important for all of our high school students to have the same academic foundation.  Creating this uniform foundation is our motivation in expanding to include the middle grades.  We know that we have a reputation of a heavy workload and academic rigor at the high school.  Our goal for the middle school is not to replicate, but to scale students up to that level during the middle years, better preparing them for the challenges of our rigorous high school environment.

What elective options will students have?

Our goal is to incorporate computer applications, music, art, and life skills as exploratory classes.  All students will also take health & physical education.  The remainder of the day will be filled with core academics including English, math, science, and social studies.

Will Gray Stone have school uniforms in the middle grades?

No.  Gray Stone believes that students need to learn to dress appropriately for each occasion.  At times, assemblies are held where students are expected to dress more formally; however, our everyday dress code includes modest clothing that fits appropriately without inappropriate logos, phrases or depictions.  The expectation is that students will have shoulders covered (no tank tops or spaghetti straps) and clothing of the appropriate length.

Will my child need an electronic device?

Perhaps.  Gray Stone communicates heavily with students and parents via email and through our learning management software, Canvas.  In the high school, students are required to have a device with them on a daily basis in class.  At the middle school level, we don't anticipate requiring that.  However, students will need access to internet services.  Computers are available after school for those without access at home.

Does Gray Stone provide transportation?

Gray Stone typically draws students from 8 different counties and creating a bussing system that covers that large of an area is not feasible.  However, Gray Stone does create a carpool list that allows parents to get in touch with each other to plan and organize carpools.  This information should be available in July.

Where will my child eat lunch?

Long term, the plan is to have the 7th and 8th grade students each lunch in the high school Commons.  This will occur when the high school students are in class.  The 6th grade will utilize the smaller Commons in the new middle school building.  As we work with construction, students may temporarily be expected to bring their lunch.  Currently, we have a catering company serving lunch Monday through Thursday.  Students may opt to buy from that company or bring their lunch.  No pre-orders are required.  On Fridays, we typically order pizza and sell it to supplement student government funding.

Are you planning an Open House where we may come and visit Gray Stone Day School and ask questions?

We are planning to host an open house event in our current facilities for prospective families.  Please check back for dates and details as they are available.  In the meantime, you may contact the school if you have any additional questions.