Applications for the 2017-2018 School Year:

Apply for the 6th Grade

Apply for the 7th Grade

Apply for the 8th Grade


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Gray Stone Day School will be accepting applications for the middle grades from February 1, 2017 through March 15, 2017.  By the close of the application period, the school administration will set a maximum enrollment number for each grade level.  The target is 125 students per grade level.  Determination of the maximum enrollment can be based on class size, grade level, or total population.

Once the application period closes, if it is determined that more applications have been receiveed than the maximum enrollment number, a lottery must be held for that grade level.  If a lottery is required, it will be held on Thursday, March 23rd, 2017 at 4pm at the school in accordance with NC Charter School Law.  Priority will be given to siblings of current students or four-year graduates and children of full-time employees.  All remaining students will be drawn at random until all spaces have been filled.  The lottery will continue until all names have been drawn with those beyond the available space being placed on the waiting list in the order they were drawn.  If space remains after the deadline, applications will be accepted on a first come, first served basis until all available openings are filled.  Names will be added to the waiting list in the order their completed application is received.

Bundling applications

The NC Charter School lottery laws allow families to bundle applications together for siblings and mulitple birth situations.  In order to bundle an application, both applicants should live in the same household and have at least one similar birth parents or legal adoption papers.  When bundling, an application will be submitted for whichever child the parent chooses to be the primary applicant.  There is a spot on that application to list all bundled applicants.  If that application is selected through the lottery, all bundled applications are accepted (or moved to a priority spot on a waiting list if a grade level is full).  For the purposes of this lottery, applicants in middle grades could be bundled together.  Applications cannot be bundled with 2017-2018 application for grades 9-12.