Pumpkin Drop

Pumpkin Drop Challenge
Posted on 12/11/2017
Successful Pumpkin Drop TeamThis past November, Gray Stone Day School Middle Grade students held the 1st inaugural Pumpkin Drop Challenge. Students participated in this challenge as part of their team time choice. Team time is a 50 minute block every Thursday and Friday that gives all middle school students the opportunity to select a choice from a list that they wish to explore more in depth.

The Pumpkin Drop challenge was part of Mr. Prybula’s STEM activities team time choice and had various students from grades 6-8. The purpose of the Pumpkin Drop Challenge was to design an enclosure to protect a pumpkin from damage when dropped from a 3-story building.

Students worked in teams to design their enclosure using various items such as cardboard, paper, pillows, tape, and other items. Several teams were able to successfully design an enclosure that protected their pumpkin from the 3-story fall. One of the successful groups consisted of Angelina Lappin, Chloe Lehning, and Rylan Moore.