Canoe Race

Students Compete in Cardboard Canoe Races
Posted on 11/09/2018
Students RacingOn Friday, November 9, 2018, Gray Stone Day School High School students competed in cardboard canoe races, the culmination of Jeff Brown's STEM class' first semester engineering design challenge.

The students researched the physics behind the challenge and earlier in the semester built Rube Goldberg machines to practice their engineering and construction skills. For the Canoe challenge, teams built and "floated" prototypes of their canoe design before they tackled the full scale final project build and hit the water.

For the challenge, groups of 3 and 4 students were to use only cardboard, duct tape and plastic trash bags to construct a canoe that would hold 2 people and would be able to complete 50 yards (2 laps) in the pool as quickly as possible. The additional building and use of oars was optional.  Out of 22 boats, 6 completed the full challenge and 4 boats got most of the way out and back across the pool.   Some boats went down part way across the pool and others spectacularly sank at the start!

All in all the students had a blast while learning lots about engineering and physics!