At Gray Stone, our mission is to prepare students for the challenges of college.  This can't be done all at once.  Our middle grades program is designed to grow students socially, emotionally, and intellectually in a nurturing way to a point where they are prepared for the challenges of high school.  This is done through the development of relationships and the creation an environment where students must self-manage and be advocates for their own learning.  While each grade level will handle things differently based on the personality and abilities of their students, the same goal crosses all grade levels:  prepare students for the rigors of high school.

We expect our students to be challenged.  Every course is taught at an AIG or Honors level as we believe that if we set an expectation, students will rise to the occasion.  We also understand that students may need support to reach this level.  Our teachers and counseling staff stand ready to support those students to reach new heights.

Each student will take core classes in English, Math, Science, and Social Studies.  In addition, middle grades students will take a health & physical education class each year and a rotation of electives that will change each quarter.  Electives are offered in choral music, technology, visual arts, and an exploratory course which examines study skills, problem solving, life skills, and career exploration.

Not only do we value high quality content instruction, we also believe that certain skills are necessary for the future development of students into productive members of society and the work force.  Each course will build skills related to these Global Learning Objectives.  Students will learn to:

Effectively communicate
Creatively solve problems
Contribute to community
Self-manage their learning
Produce quality work
Responsibly use information

We are working to develop a comprehensive curriculum guide.  Once completed, it will be posted here.  Feel free to check back.