Your Middle Grades Counselor, Ms. Jessie Roney

B.A. University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
M.Ed. University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Fun Fact: I have three cats and am a total cat lady!
I’d love to hear about your pets, pet rocks included!

A greeting from Ms. Roney:

“Hello everyone! 

My office is a safe space for students to come and talk about anything that they need or want to discuss. Topics generally range from academic concerns or ambitions, personal/social issues, and future related goals (such as college and career). It is my desire to help students gain and maintain the motivation and desire to succeed academically, and in every aspect  of their lives. This will be accomplished through the development and provision of a comprehensive school counseling program that is both preventative and responsive in nature. I look forward to working with you and your student!”

Types of services provided:

Individual counseling: Meeting with a student individually for a variety of needs such as anxiety, grief, difficulty transitioning, or any concern that arises and becomes a barrier to academic success during the school day.

Group counseling: Meeting with a few students who are experiencing a similar concern or have a similar interest, such as test anxiety, study skills, self-esteem, diversity, identity, and friendship to name a few.

Classroom guidance: Working collaboratively with a teacher for a variety of topics, such as academic success, social media safety, and anti-bullying campaigns to name a few.

Students who wish to see Ms. Roney can stop by her office at any time, as long as teacher approval has been given. Before the school day, after the school day, and during lunch are also usually good times. Appointments can be made during the school day via email, by referral form (under the forms tab on the website) or via phone.

Office: 704-463-0567