The academic mission of a school is its driving force.  At Gray Stone, our goal is to prepare every student for the academic rigors of a four year college or university.  Our track record has proven successful as graduates have returned to tell us just how well they have adapted to the college life.  It is not uncommon for college students to tell us that college is easier than Gray Stone.  This is by design.  We believe that students need to struggle to truly identify their strengths and weaknesses.  High school is a great time to do that when you still have a support system on a daily basis.  

Our upper grades curriculum is centered on two main areas.  First, we believe in providing high quality, rigorous content instruction.  Our charter allows us to limit our offerings Honors and Advanced Placement courses in core areas.  Where an advanced course is available, we don't offer standard level courses.  This means every student will take courses like Honors English and Honors Math.  More advanced students will challenge themselves with our offering of more than a dozen courses approved by the College Board to be offered at the AP Level.  

Secondly, we believe in preparing students to succeed by developing the necessary skills to be come an exceptional student, quality employee, and a productive citizen.  We believe that this is done through six main areas which should be developed in every class and represent our Global Learning Objectives.  At Gray Stone, students will learn to:

Effectively communicate
Creatively solve problems
Contribute to community
Self-manage their learning
Produce quality work
Responsibly use information

We are working to develop a comprehensive curriculum guide.  Once completed, it will be posted here.  Feel free to check back.