Grade Point Averages (GPAs) are calculated based on a quality point conversion. The basic, accepted 4.0 scale is used with some exceptions. Gray Stone courses with an “Honors” notation carry one extra quality point. Students enrolled in college courses that are eligible for transfer to a state university are eligible for one extra quality point. Courses with an “Advanced Placement” (AP) notation carry two extra quality points. The grading scale below is adopted from and approved by the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction.

Gray Stone Day School does not rank students based on GPA. At a college preparatory school with as many gifted students as are typically enrolled in this school, it is very difficult to measure student success by comparing performance. Those students who have a GPA near the median are not necessarily performing at an average level. Many years, the median GPA at Gray Stone would be in the top 20% at other traditional schools. In lieu of releasing ranking, our Guidance Office provides an in-depth profile of the school with every issued transcript so that colleges and scholarship committees can better understand the caliber of the school as it relates to the student’s performance.

90-100 4.0
80-89 3.0
70-79 2.0
60-69 1.0
≤59 0.0
WF 0.0
FF 0.0
WP 0.0
INC 0.0
AUD 0.0
P 0.0