Gray Stone Day School is a regional school that provides a rigorous college preparatory curriculum for students in grades 9-12. While developing strong character, students engage in highly challenging courses that will require them to work diligently in and out of the classroom. Highly qualified instructors comprise the teaching staff as students are exposed to daily university campus life. It is a state-supported charter school and therefore there is no charge to any state resident that is of high school age.

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Academic Rigor
Academic rigor is a difficult concept to explain to incoming students.  Most students entering the school go through a transitional phase in which they must relearn basic study skills, test preparation methods, and basic work ethic.  At Gray Stone, academic rigor is defined as a multi-faceted concept that encompasses curricular, contextual, institutional, student and faculty behaviors which reflect a core belief system.  That belief system is centered on the fact that growth cannot occur without hard work and that growth is essential to achieving the overall mission of the school: to prepare students to be successful at major regional universities.  Put another way, academic rigor is teaching, learning, and assessment which promotes student growth in knowledge of the discipline and the ability to analyze, synthesize, and critically evaluate the content under study.  Academic rigor results in assessment outcomes which clearly reflect the full range of academic achievements among students.

Students entering Gray Stone should expect a heavy workload that requires a minimum of twenty (20) minutes of study, reflection, and written homework for each class, each night.  In addition, students are expected to complete various outside of class assignments such as research papers, test preparation, group and individual presentations, reading assignments with journaling, and much more.

Advanced Placement Courses
Advanced Placement (AP) is a program of college level courses and examinations that gives advanced, motivated students an opportunity to earn college credit, college placement, or both while they are still in high school. Gray Stone is committed to supporting students in their desire to take advantage of the college credit and placement opportunities afforded by the AP program.

Please see Graduation Requirements for more detailed information.