Gray Stone Day School students are expected to be at school on time and to keep all of their commitments at school every day as long as health and family circumstances permit. Attendance is mandatory. The State of North Carolina has a compulsory attendance law requiring school age students to be in attendance when school is in session barring any unforeseen circumstances. Students failing to comply may be referred for truancy.

Students are expected to be in class by the time posted for that class. Students not in class at the designated time must have a signed pass in order to be admitted to class. Students who are tardy for class may face disciplinary action from the instructor according to each instructor’s established classroom policies. Students who are continually tardy (multiples of four) may be referred to the administration for disciplinary action. Students must be present for more than half the class to be counted present (35 minutes for 70 minute classes, 20 minutes for 35 minute classes). In order to receive credit for a class at Gray Stone Day School, the student must not be marked absent for more than (6) days per trimester in that class.

Absence Documentation
When a student is absent, the school expects documentation regarding the reason for the absence within two school days. Documentation should be returned to the main office within two school days. Students will be given an Absence Verification Pass to take to their teachers.

Excused Absences
Documentation should come from a parent, medical professional or other party who can justify the absence. Excused absences are only issued for the following reasons with verification:

  • Student illness
  • Medical appointments
  • Death in the immediate family
  • Court proceedings
  • Religious observances
  • Educational opportunity (at the Chief Administrator’s discretion, prior approval required)

All absences are coded as undocumented and unexcused until a note has been received. School sponsored trips in which a student misses a class is not considered an absence; however, the student is responsible for making up any missed work.

Unexcused Absences
Unexcused absences are absences for which documentation has been provided but the justification of the absence does meet the state standards. Documentation should come from a parent, medical professional or other party who can justify the absence. Unexcused absences will be issued an Absence Verification Pass to present to the teachers.

Undocumented Absences
Undocumented Absences occur when a student does not present any written documentation presented to the main office explaining the absence or parent acknowledgement of the absence within the allotted two school days following the absence. Students with an Undocumented Absence are not permitted to make up any work missed during the absence including major tests or projects due on the day of the absence. Students who fail to provide proper documentation for an absence within two school days should expect three Service Detention hours in addition to any academic sanctions.

Instructors have the discretion through approved and established classroom policies to handle tardies in a manner that encourages students to be on time. Failure to arrive at class on time not only results in lost instructional for the student but also disrupts the educational environment for every other student in the class – something which will not be tolerated. In an effort to assist instructors, any referrals to the administration for excessive tardies will be handled in the following manner:

1st Offense – four tardies – 2 hours of service detention
2nd Offense – eight tardies – four hours of service detention
3rd Offense – twelve tardies – 1 day out of school suspension

Makeup Work
Instructors have the discretion through established classroom policies to not accept work for students who have absences deemed unexcused. All instructors will refuse to accept work missed during an undocumented absence. Instructors may place a deadline on missed work for all excused absences not to be less than the number of days absent. Parents and students should familiarize themselves with each instructor’s policy regarding makeup work and absences.

Attendance Waiver
In the event of an extended illness or other unforeseen circumstances in a class in which the student passes but does not meet the attendance requirement, a student may appeal to the Board of Directors for a waiver.